• 1: "Tobban Rocks"

    This one is on a very large canvas, and it was sold to someone in California. I got a huge kick out of this, because E.John Robinson - my hero of the brush - lives there!

  • 2: Just a rock/wave study

    Though I really enjoyed painting these canvasses with the knife, I am not going to say that they are the best. I like them, but then, I would, wouldn't I?

  • The translucent wave top

    These waves happened in "Tobban Bay"

  • North coast wave set

    The surf around "Sally Bottoms" can get just like this. It is no place for surfers.

  • St.Agnes point

    I did not portay it very well, but the background is supposed to be a headland.

  • "The Devil's Tooth"

    The waves here are not to be trifled with.

  • Just a study

    This is of nowhere in particular.

  • Pendeen Head

    Surfers who know haow to steer clear of rocks have a good time here.

  • The "Tooth"

    I did not get this one right by a long chalk.

  • "Seal's Cove"

    There's an old wreck half buried in the sand below these waves.

  • Pendeen Head

    I like the original canvas far more than I like the representation.

  • Seal's Cove

    A dangerous part of the county!

  • First result of spare paint on the palette?

    I suppose this could loosely be called a seascape. It was an experiment of a kind. I used a pallette knife on a spare canvas, utilising whatever paint I had left on my pallette. It took me less than ten minutes. Yes, I hear you! But I actually quite liked the result.

  • Number two

    Nothing to add.

  • Number three

    Still nothing to add.

  • ?

    I don't even know why I put this one here; it was a painting that I actually hated with a passion, so I palette-knifed it to an even gorier death!.