Porthtowan, on the north coast of Cornwall UK - my childhood playground. It's no surprise, then, that with any kind of an artistic bent, if I ending up painting anything at all, it would be the sea

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shoreline waves

I spent my entire childhood dipping my toes into waves just like these. In fact, if I stepped out of our front gate at a high spring tide and walked ten paces I would already be paddling.

"Seal's Cove"


In tranquil mode

I paint a lot in and around this cove...

...on the north cliffs of Cornwall. It can be a dangerous place; Trippers are constantly getting cut off there, generally requiring the services of the rescue people.

north cliff coves

"The Devil's Tooth"

Another dangerous place, this, but it's the best place to find heavy waves...just the kind we like to paint. The actual rock is barely visible through the spume!


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